What is a Garden Coach? A garden coach is someone who comes to you, to your garden space, and teaches you how to be a better, more knowledgeable, and thus, a more confident gardener. Coaches are a great resource for any gardeners, both new and experienced, who want to do their own gardening or landscaping, but either aren't sure where or how to get started, or need help some help with the know-how to tackle a special project.

What can I do for you? I am a kitchen garden coach. I specialize in helping set up food gardens and providing you with all the information you require to successfully grow your own organic edibles. I can also help you with your ornamental gardens, but my main focus is teaching folks how to grow great food.

A garden coach saves you money by helping you buy the right products for the job, knowing where to skimp and where not to, teaching you all about plants and what to plant where so that everything thrives and produces well, how to care for your beds, get more productivity from your garden, etc...  


Garden Coaching

Helping you create your own great, organic, kitchen garden and to grow great, healthy, happy edibles.  

A garden coaching session begins you telling me what your hopes, wishes, and dreams are for your ideal garden. 

We walk about your yard and talk about all your ideas and I then provide you with the information, affirmation, knowledge, and inspiration to make this dream garden happen. I will help you grow great, tasty edibles, with confidence, in your very own organic food garden.

If you have existing beds, we make them work better for you. If you have a blank slate, I help you plan and create a great kitchen garden that works for you, your budget, and your space.

You will be provided with a written plan of everything we discussed, plus more.

The walk through and consult takes from one to two hours and the cost is $99, no taxes. All email correspondence after this initial consult are free of charge, forever and ever, amen.

From there, you decide whether you need further assistance from me as you go along or if you require a bit more assistance as you get to a certain point in the process. All email advice  is free of charge, additional visits are $5o per one hour (60 minute) consult.      


edible/Ornamental Garden coaching

Mix your edibles in your ornamental flower beds. Have a small yard with no room for a veggie plot? Or maybe you want to plant up your front yard with edibles but don't want it looking like a traditional garden plot? Want pretty and practical at the same time? I will help you integrate your edibles with your ornamentals for a fantastic looking yard, the best of both worlds.

Grow food and flowers together in perfect, glorious harmony.

This consult will take from one to two hours and the cost is $99, no taxes. 

You will be provided with a written plan of everything we discussed, plus more as it occurs to me during the write up. All follow up email questions and correspondence is completely free of charge.

If you would like a follow up consult to discuss something further or to tackle a different area or project, additional visits are $50 for a one hour consult.     


Garden Mentoring

Looking to learn more about gardening? Need to tackle a certain garden problem? Think you have a black thumb? I can help you make it green.

My job as a garden mentor is to help you become a better, more confident gardener and help you tackle anything that comes up. I can drop by once a week, once a month, once a season, or once a year....whatever you need. We can seed together, plant together, make a garden plan... I work along with you.    

Mentoring is great for new gardeners, with little or no experience. Is common to book 3 or 4 sessions, but one may be all you need to get you going. 

The mentoring sessions start at $50 for the first 60 minute visit, with a discount for further consultations if booked or discussed at the same time. These drop-in mentoring sessions do not include a write up, so is up to you take notes as we go along. 

Ideas of things that you might like some mentoring with....

  • How to put the veggie garden to bed in fall?

  • What to sow and plant and when, for a fall and winter garden?

  • How to make a garden plan in spring? or Summer? or Fall?

  • Organic pest and weed controls?

  • How to start/grow an organic garden?

  • Starting a cut flower business?

  • Have a new bed or project that you need help figuring out?

  • How to make your garden, yard, or potager low maintenance?

  • Seasoned gardener needing help or feedback with tackling a new task?


Creating Curb Appeal

Selling your house? I can help you get a quick sale with instant curb appeal or a wee mini make-over for a great first impression.

Or maybe you just want to make your front porch/frontage look better? I can add some ooh la la to your life. Starts at $199.  



Coaching versus Mentoring

Both mentoring and coaching sessions are perfect for either seasoned or new gardeners, are all about helping you become a better, more skilled, knowledgeable, and confident gardener. 

Coaching sessions are like the full meal deal. They are longer, we tackle everything that you need or want to know from start to finish. I can show you where to put your garden, how to set it up, how to feed, water, care for your garden, when to start seeds or plants, all season gardening advice, everything. I provide you with both verbal and written plans to make your garden dreams come true. All email correspondence about your garden is free of charge.

Mentoring sessions are 60 minutes long. During that time, you can ask as many questions as you want and we can also get dirty together in the garden while I help you tackle what needs doing. Can be a combination of planning, planting, doing, and talking. I provide you with verbal information and planning only, you take your own notes. 



Cara D.  Are you using your space to it's full gardening potential? Thank you Tanja for being such a positive garden role model and inspiration for me! I did coaching with Tanja in spring 2017. She came to my house and made gardening in my backyard the best it can be by teaching me how to best use my space. I always did ground gardening but with surrounding tress the soil was constantly drained of nutrients and tanya gave me guidance on raised beds how and where to place them. Ever since then my gardening is almost weed free and the gardening space has infinite potential. I keep taking her workshops and have blossomed as a gardener! Thank you Tanja for your coaching and gardening friendship, highly recommend this service to make the most out of your avilable space! I still have much to learn. Cara D

Jennifer V. If you are looking to improve your existing garden or starting out new like I did, I highly recommend a coaching session from Tanja at Olde Thyme Food and Garden!  3 years ago I attended Tanja's Gardening 101 class and loved it so much I asked her for a private coaching session at my home.  Not only did she give me great tips and ideas but she has been helping me along the way since then!  She has a wealth of information on a variety of topics from garden pests to companion planting and maximizing space.  She even gave some tips on how to manage our chicken manure for the garden and composting ideas!  Thanks Tanja, hope you don't mind a few more questions cuz you know they are a coming!!

Robyn B. 

Tanja is an absolute wealth of knowledge. I asked her to come to our new-to-us home to help us plan our garden. Tanja toured around my yard and helped us determine the best spot for our garden. She helped suggest the best layout and encouraged me to do larger beds than I was initially thinking. Her ability to envision an efficient and well laid-out garden is testament to her gardening experience. Tanja suggested which plants and veggies are companions and which are not. I love how she loves gardening so much and can speak to almost everything with great knowledge, but if she (rarely) does not know something, she will advise where to find the information. She can discuss pros and cons and help her customer come to the best decision for their garden and yard. I now have a thriving garden and am so very happy with the coaching from Tanja. I know that she is just an email, phone call or facebook message away for more advice at any time! (Believe me, I’ve used it!).

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