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From Nitty Gritty to Olde Thyme

From Nitty Gritty to Olde Thyme


Huge thanks to everyone who followed me over from the former Nitty Gritty Greenhouse to the brand spanking new Olde Thyme Market Greenhouse.

Why the name change?

Well, quite honestly, I was, still am, quite apprehensive about changing the name as I have spent so many years building it up. However, changes have to be made at the greenhouse as I have encountered some health issues. Closing it all down was never an option for me, not ever, so it became more a question of what to do and how to go about it.

While a name change was not necessarily needed, I sort of felt that I had to let go of the old in order to truly make changes and embrace the new. So, I am really really hoping that you all enjoy the new Olde Thyme. Changes are hard to make and often tend to be harder yet to embrace, but I really feel like this move is going to be amazing for us all. Something fun, unique and new.

So, what is Olde Thyme going to be all about?

In a 2 part blog post, I will tell you more about the new and improved greenhouse and garden centre.

In today’s post, part one, I will tell you all about my plans for the plants…

Raggedy Ann Zinnias

Raggedy Ann Zinnias

The Garden Market Greenhouse

Instead of the normal 9 till 5 garden centre format, I will now be offering weekend markets instead. These markets will begin in April and run through till mid or late May.

What will be at these markets?

  • Organically grown vegetable starter plants - Cool weather crops like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, etc… and hot weather veggies, too, like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc…

  • Pollinator packs/vegetable garden annuals.

  • Bee safe bedding and basket annuals.

  • Seeds - Renee’s Garden Seeds, both flowers and vegetables (zinnias, of course!)

  • Organic fertilisers

There will also be a fall market with garlic, as always, and fall starter plants, and quite possibly a summer one, too.

I am also considering drop in days, for information sharing or just poke about in the garden to see what is happening, plus seed purchasing.


Regarding the organically grown veggies…

I will be growing the tomatoes and some of the other organic hot weather veggie starts, as always.

The organic cool weather veggies and some of the hot weather ones, too, will be grown by a friend of mine, a local, organic, mom and pop grower. More about the all of this as we get closer to the date.

Sweet potato slips in bio-degradable eco-pots.

Sweet potato slips in bio-degradable eco-pots.

Tomatoes! in 2019

40 to 50 heirloom varieties and some open-pollinated funky ones, too. Best tomato selection on the island!

Tomatoes will be sold in several sizes… 6-pack combos, the 4.5” eco-friendly, biodegradable eco-pots (as in the picture above), and a few in one gallon pots, too.

Also, tomatoes and companion plants in ready to grow square planters (limited quantities). If you have one from the past that you would like me to re-plant for you, just drop it off with me in March or April and I will get that all set up for you again.



Hots and sweets, all shades and sizes and ranging from no heat at all, as in bell peppers, to super duper hot peppers. A bit of everything.


Veggie starts of all kinds…


Flowers and more flowers …

Annuals and a few perennials, too. Basket Stuffers, bedding plants, plants for planters and gardens.

Pollinator packs for the veggie garden to feed the bees and attract the good guys to your garden.

Have a certain colour scheme you want to grow? Or a wedding to plant for? Just let me know the colours you want and I will bring them in : )



I will be sticking to my all time favourite seed company, will have lots of Renee’s Garden Seeds available for purchase here at the markets and also at the workshops.

Seeds for flowers of all kinds, including gazillions of zinnia varieties, of course!

Seeds for both cool weather and hot weather veggies.

French Breakfast Radishes

French Breakfast Radishes

Happy Garden Dreaming!

Workshops and More at Olde Thyme

Workshops and More at Olde Thyme

The Kitchen Garden In November

The Kitchen Garden In November