The New Olde Thyme Food garden

A Market Garden & Greenhouse


At Olde thyme, I use and teach organic, no-dig/no-till gardening, polyculture practices.

Meaning that everything is grown together, a great big hodge-podge planting of edibles and ornamentals blended together. Planting great diversity, a blend of plants, makes for healthy, thriving gardens that produce better and look great.

The flowers and herbs attract beneficial insects and pollinators to keep the garden virtually pest free, improve soil quality, and make everything taste and grow better. Is the greatest form of companion planting, both pretty and productive all at the same time.  


My dream is for everyone to successfully grow great food and have thriving, organic gardens. Here is a wee blurb about Olde Thyme.

Weekend Markets!

The spring market will be in April and May.

  • My lovely, organic tomato plants in bio-degradable pots. Most all will be heirlooms, some of the new open-pollinated ones, no hybrids at Olde Thyme.

  • Peppers, both hot and sweet. Organically grown plants ranging from no heat, all sweet, to super hots.

  • Cucumber, squash, corn, sweet potatoes, and all the other warm season, summer crops.

  • Cool season crops like peas, cabbage, kale, lettuces, greens, spinach… all sorts of starts.

  • Renee’s Garden Seeds

  • Bee-safe, locally grown annuals for your pots, planters, and baskets. 

The fall market will on a Saturday in late September or early October, again weather dependent. At this fall market, I will be selling organically grown BC garlic, plus manure and/or compost to feed your garden beds in winter. I also hold a free workshop on this day, with information about how to organically put your garden to bed for winter. This short workshop is a fund raiser for the Nanaimo Loaves and Fishes just before Thanksgiving.

The Christmas market will be the last weekend of November or the first one in December. There will be several wonderful vendors here, selling their lovely handmade items for your gifting. I will have poinsettias for you, too, so keep your car warm and pick up at the end of your shopping day so that the poinsettia does not catch a chill : )



We have really great workshops at Olde Thyme. Two kinds... informative, teaching workshops and fun, creative ones.  

The Teaching workshops … are all based on different principles of growing great foods, using organic, sustainable, no-dig gardening practices. These workshops are affordable, practical, informative, and a whole lot of fun. The Garden Shop is not large, so workshops are in small groups of 10 to 12 people, keeping it comfortable and enjoyable for all. Questions, thoughts, ideas are bandied about, shared amongst us. Workshops vary in length of time, from two hour sessions to all day ones, or even all weekend.  

The Creative workshops …. are making your own hanging baskets, planters, pots, or sometimes even birdhouses ; ) These workshops are super fun and popular! You bring your own planter, basket, pot, or you buy one from me when you get here to the greenhouse. Then, you choose the plants that you wish to use from all of the great, locally-grown flowers and trailers here at the greenhouse. The flowers are from a local grower who is bee-friendly, no neonicitinoids are used on any of her plants, ever! Choose your own colour scheme! And, as I aim to please and am super flexible, if you know what colours you want ahead of time, just message me and I will make sure that those colours are here in a grand selection of plants.

Custom workshops. For any groups that want to get together to do either a tutorial type workshop together, or a DIY one. Groups must consist of 6 or more people and will be customized to whatever you wish to make them be. Want to do up a whole bunch of wedding planters and baskets with your wedding party? Want to have a fun outing day or evening with your co-workers? Your best friends? Your sister-wives? Your church group? Anything goes. If you can imagine it, I can make it happen for you. 


I offer both garden coaching and mentoring sessions. How to make this all happen in your very own space, tailored to suit you, your garden, your skill level, budget and lifestyle. A garden coach will help you save money by helping you avoid pitfalls and mistakes, tailoring your garden to suit your needs.    

Helping you grow great food, all organic and all natural, all the time!