The New Olde Thyme Food garden

A Market Garden & Greenhouse


At Olde thyme, I use and teach organic, no-dig/no-till gardening, polyculture practices.

Meaning that everything is grown together, a great big hodge-podge planting of edibles and ornamentals blended together. Planting great diversity, a blend of plants, makes for healthy, thriving gardens that produce better and look great.

The flowers and herbs attract beneficial insects and pollinators to keep the garden virtually pest free, improve soil quality, and make everything taste and grow better. Is the greatest form of companion planting, both pretty and productive all at the same time.  


Weekend Markets!

The spring market will be in April and May.

The fall market will on a Saturday in late September or early October, again weather dependent.

The Christmas market will be the last weekend of November or the first one in December.



The Teaching workshops … are all based on different principles of growing great foods, using organic, sustainable, no-dig gardening practices.

The Creative workshops …. are making your own hanging baskets, planters, pots, or sometimes even birdhouses ; )

Custom workshops. For any groups that want to get together to do either a tutorial type workshop together, or a DIY one. Groups must consist of 6 or more people and will be customized to whatever you wish to make them be.


I offer both garden coaching and mentoring sessions. How to make this all happen in your very own space, tailored to suit you, your garden, your skill level, budget and lifestyle.